Gopal Dynasty (Ancient Period) of Nepal

The Gopal Dynasty is regarded as the 1st ruling dynasty of Nepal. Gopal denotes the community of Cowherds. Sage Ne, who meditated on Teku, made Bhuktaman (Bhumigupta) of this community the first king of valley. 

Having adopted Gupta as their surname and hence known as the Gupta Dynasty, eight generations of this dynasty ruled for about 521 years. The kings of this dynasty like Bhumigupta, Jayagupta, Dharmagupta, Harshagupta, Bishnugupta and Jitgupta had made Matatirtha the centre of their administration. 

Nepal extended to the Dudhkoshi in the east, Trishuli in the west, Gosainkunda in the north and Chitlang in the south. In this very time, the Jyotirlinga (flaming idol) of Pashupatinath was discovered.

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